Lumbarda is one of the most famous touristic destinations on the Dalmatian coast

Discover Korčula island in all its beauty! Enjoy wandering around streets shaded by old stone houses, the most romantic sunrises, the most beautiful beaches, the events, unique sword dances, the tasting of top quality local wine, and the extra virgin olive oil!


Korčula is an ideal year-round holiday destination. You can explore the island on foot or by bike, or climb on its hilltops and refresh yourself by walking through pine forests, enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of the countryside from the lookouts, watch some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Adriatic:


The hotel offers Rent a boat service for all its guests. Terms and conditions, information, and routes are available on inquiry at the front desk. Skipper service is available upon request.

Rent a boat at hotel Lumbarda


The hotel is equipped with a new outdoor underwater massage jacuzzi for your perfect hydrotherapy experience. As a bath that surrounds and pleases, our hotel Jacuzzi is like embracing a best friend.



The diving center is located 400 meters from Hotel Lumbarda and is fully equipped for organizing diving excursions and diving courses. The Center is packed with diving equipment and offers many kinds of diving excursions by boat and diving from shore, which includes diving in caverns, wreck diving, diving on reefs, night diving, etc. Of many diving sites in the vicinity of Lumbarda among the most interesting of course include the wreck of a steamship Garda, a wreck of a merchant ship Boka, archaeological site Majsan, cave and wall Orlandusa, locations around rt. Ražnjić.

diving Lumbarda


Enjoy a Kayak tour in Lumbarda on the turquoise water of the Adriatic sea and discover the beautiful Croatian landscapes!

Kayak is a very convenient way to discover the island’s archipelago. The lesson will take place in the gulf between the islands where you will have a chance to try out this amazing sport with a professional guide by discovering the wonderful landscape. This activity is suitable for anyone – from beginners to advanced levels. The meeting point is only 300 meters walking distance from the hotel.

Enjoy the sun, calm water, and beautiful landscapes while paddling.

You will receive all the necessary equipment.



Explore the gorgeous Korčula island on horseback. Wander down hidden trails and take in panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a guided horseback ride with the possibility of even entering the Adriatic Sea on a horseback.

horse riding


A total of 60% of Korčula Island is covered by rich forest and there are decent size hills to climb for vantage points. You will find a number of walking and hiking trails zig-zagging through the trees and up and down the mountains. As you walk, keep your eyes peeled and your noses sniffing for wild Mediterranean herbs including rosemary, sage, and thyme. This is one of favorite outdoor activities on Korcula to enjoy! There are different types of routes and difficulty levels. For example, you can take a gentle stroll through picturesque vineyards or a 12km up and down round trip between Zrnovo to Pupnat.


Some of the more popular or well-known trails are marked. At the start of the trail, you will see official brown signposts. Then along the route, you will find red circles or red/green and white dashes painted on to rocks or on the floor. The walks and hikes can be enjoyed as a self-guided tour or as part of a tour.

You can get a free map, tips, and advice at our front desk too.


One of the most enjoyable ways to see Korcula is by bicycle, with nice and easy routes for those out of practice, as well as plenty of hilly challenges; all leading through breathtaking scenery to great final destinations.

 Choose a bike route at our reception desk and get a free map.




The tradition of viticulture and viniculture on the Island can be traced back to the times of ancient Greeks (4th century B.C.). The Island of Korčula is known for its local wine and top-quality white wine, such as GRK that is cultivated in Lumbarda, while Pošip and Rukatac are cultivated in Čara and Smokvica. Plavac Mali is the most common red wine. Taste local wine in a traditional atmosphere and don’t forget to explore other authentic delicacies like Korčula-style beef stew (“Korčulanska pašticada”), handmade pasta typical for Žrnovo (cro. Žrnovski makaruni), Korčula sweets, olive oil, and domestic Aceto balsamico. You can find all the delicacies in our hotel restaurant too.